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Voice - Integrity Freedom Responsibility VARIOUS ISSUES

Very obscure Social Credit journal which one of America's most famous literary figures contributed 17 (confirmed) articles to,  between March 1956 - January 1957.   Pound was still incarcerated at St Elizabeth's, and friends sneaked out various articles to be published in a few sympathetic journals.  Rev. Henry Swabey was a Social Creditor and the founder of the political journal Voice, printed by J. Hayes & Co. in Liverpool publishers of The Social Creditor. Swabey contributed a feature article on Ezra Pound to the January 17, 1953 edition of The Social Creditor. The Burke Library at Hamilton College in Clinton New York Ezra Pound's alma mater has eighteen issues of  Voice from 1954 and three issues from 1955. Gallup's Bibliography of Ezra Pound cites 17 pieces in Swabey's journal Voice in 1956/57 under the pseudonyms H. Briscoe and W. Watson.  Pound contributed seventeen entries, which ran from March 1956 through January 1957,using pseudonyms,  the topics for Voice were based on politics and economics.  Very anti-Communist & anti-Zionist   On a closer inspection there appear more pseudonyms, "W. Watson" as well as anti-Semitic/Rothschild poetry & quotes by "A Poet"  Some reminiscent of Pound's alter ego Alfie Venison - being recommended by Pound himself.  


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