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BUF - Salewsky, Rudolf - Great Britain and Her Empire.

Salewsky, Rudolf - EDITION FOR GIRLS - Great Britain and Her Empire.  World War II German / Nazi Propaganda book.    Dresden. L Ehlermann. 1942 First edition. [References, ... notes by Rudolf Salewsky]. Progandistic English History/ Primer for English language students. Exposes the hypocracy of Great Britain and Her Empire using mainly Well known english speaking writers.  .  Chapter 1. The British Race and Character....Emphasis on the class divisions in British life, a common theme in Nazi propaganda... War Profiteers, Treaty of Versailles, The position of the Jews [by Hillaire Belloc], British Union of Fascists by [Major General] John Frederick Charles Fuller [J F C Fuller], WW1 Hero, anti-Semite, Member of the BUF, prophetic proselitisier for mechanized warfare [his ideas were strongly influential in the development of Blitzkrieg] and occultist (follower of Aleister Crowley). 4to, , 176pp. Black & white photographs  +  36 Page brochure with guide to various words and their transalations.  


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