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Anti-Semitic Disscussion paper for private circulation 1930s (ITEM SOLD) The Labour Charter

"The Free Men's Charter"  Anti-Semitic Disscussion paper for private circulation.  Unattributed, undated late 1930s disscussion paper in 6 parts: 1. The State, The family, Money,  2. The Small Man, Agriculture, Land tenure, 3. The Organisation of Industry, Company Law.  4. The Family Wage, Subsidies Versus the Crown, Women's Work.  5. The Form of Government, Education, The press.  6. The Jews, The Peerage, True Aristocracy, Making the Change.   Section lengths: Part I, 14 pages; II,10 pages; III 12 pages;   IV,  9 pages; V, 12 pages;    VI, 21 pages respectively.   Each part contains 1930s type anti-semitic anti-Usury  anti-Alien Finance references.  Part VI, specificallly dealing with the The Jewish problem,  is especially anti-Semitic, using examples of Black magic, Secret Societies, the press, P.E.P., intermarriage, Masonry,  usury etc.  The document is foolscap and has been mimiograph printed, although part I is imperial and is typescript proof that has some pencil corrections.  This item came from a researcher for The Imperial fascist League,  the "Britons" & later the league of Empire Loyalists.  It promotes the Guild System.  A Scarce and unique item. 


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