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AMERICAN FASCISM - National Renaissance Party - Convention in New York - Stop Negro Rioters & Jewish Anarchists.

National Renaissance Party Sponsors "White Power" Convention In New York City to Demend That Our American Politicians Stop The Productive White Majority To Support Negro Rioters & Jewish Anarchists.   Meeting flier, application with speakers.         National Renaissance Party (NRP) was an American neo-fascist group led by James Hartung Madole. It was frequently in the headlines during the 1960s and 1970s for its involvement in violent protests and riots in New York City. The NRP was founded in 1949 by Kurt Mertig with its headquarters in Yorkville, Manhattan. It used the lightning bolt within a circle as its symbol. The "Elite Guard" (stormtroopers) wore gray shirts with lightning bolt within a circle armbands. Madole was chosen to lead the party which he did until his death from cancer in 1979. Encouraged by Madole's mother Grace, Andrej Lisanik (an ex-officer in the World War II Czech army) then assumed leadership but was soon after killed during a mugging. Almost all the NRP membership details and party records that were in his car at the time of the mugging were lost, and within a year the party was defunct.


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