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Anti-Socialist - Ant-Communist Union -- Information 34 ISSUES 1938-39.

INFORMATION - The  "RIGHT" Weekly.  Anti-Socialist - Anti-Communist Union - Information 34 ISSUES 1938-39.  Edited by D.M. Sutherland,  published by the Anti-Socialist - Ant-Communist Union.  .  These issues are from Volume XIII No 7, 18th February 1938 to volume XIV No 29 29th September 1939.  Approx 11 pages per issue, printed one 1 side.  Very anti-Communist, pro German, sympathetic  to the German Sudentens, pro- British Agriculture,  but becomes anti-German with the Hess Molotov pact, Roosevelt as a dictator, pro-Franco, anti-Reds in Spain, Socialist double statdards, calling for no Intervention when Communists interests would be affected, Russia,  China, Turkey, Fight Mussolini in Abyssinia, fight for Czecho-Slovakia etc.  .  VERY SCARCE journal.  Stapled at top left hand corner


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