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Speeding Economic Recovery by a Corrective Credit Award by(SOLD) Edward Bennett - University of Wisconsin, 1935

Speeding Economic Recovery by a Corrective Credit Award by Edward Bennett - University of Wisconsin, 1935,  22 pages, large format.  SELF-PUBLISHED with a copy of a letter from either the Social Credit Secreteriat, or more likely "The New Economics Group" of New York.   There do not appear to be any recorded copies of this pamphlet being in existence, although references have been made in the University of Wisconsin journal.   Edward Bennett was an American physicist, known from his early involvements in wireless transmission.  He obtained a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the Western University of Pennsylvania (1897). The work was on spark-gap transmitters, jointly with William Bradshaw and supervised by Reginald Fessenden. Working at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, he achieved fame in the history of broadcasting from his work with Dr. Earle M. Terry that led to the first transmissions of the WHA (AM) radio station (1914). He later headed the electrical engineering department.  Yet another example of an important non-trained economist dealing with the ills of the Money-System. 


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