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“Russia (Part II) KTO KOVO Who Kills Whom An Analysis of the World Power Struggle”. 1955. New York: F.C.F  Le Blanc Publications.   Copyright by Frederick Weiss. 18 pages. Attractive pictorial Yellow wraps & glossy yellow paper. The German born Weiss was a long-time German Nationalist and Nazi associate. He was a close associate of Francis Parker Yockey and the European Liberation Front. He was also a major financial supporter of James H. Madole and the National Renaissance Party. In the 1950s he caught hell from rival Nazis for accepting money from Sandy Schlesinger, an associate of the Anti-Defamation League. His writings tend to mix an intellectual fascist theorizing with an unusual sense of whimsy, hence the title of this piece as well as the name of the ostensible publisher. This particular pamphlet is an attack on the post-war treatment of Germany, including the Morgenthau Plan.



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