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Lord Sydenham of Combe - My Working Life

VERY SCARCE in any condition.  Good copy, ex-Institutional Librtary with general cover wear.    Includes an extract about the notorious White Paper on Bolshevism in Russia.  Diverse causes enjoyed Sydenham's journalistic support: imperial unity, eugenics, a written constitution, road safety, Montenegro, White Russians, science teaching, the channel tunnel, and the Baconian theory of Shakespeare. He headed the British Empire League from 1915 to 1921 and the British Science Guild from 1917 to 1920. During the war he had decided that the chief internal foes of the empire—socialists, suffragettes, Sinn Féiners, pacifists, and Indian nationalists—were all, whether or not they knew it, agents of Germany, which controlled them via a network of Jews. Post-war unrest modified this analysis: encouraged by H. H. Beamish and Nesta Webster, he identified German militarism, Bolshevism, Brahmanism, Zionism, and the League of Nations as instruments of a ubiquitous 150-year-old Jewish conspiracy to establish the global dominion of the Antichrist. His task was to infuse diehard conservatives with radical antisemitism. When this failed he campaigned to save Christian youth from the ‘Jewish’ poisons of jazz, modern art, and cinema (while Lady Sydenham ran the British Fascists' children's club). His prophecies of doom ceased only with his death on 7 February 1933 from a cerebral haemorrhage at his London home, 101 Onslow Square, when his peerage became extinct. He was cremated three days later at Golders Green.


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