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Henry Ford - LETTER to Henry Hamilton Beamish 1923.

The Dearborn Publishing Company - The Ford International Weekly - LETTER by W.J. Cameron, Editorial Department to Henry Hamilton Beamish - addressed to The Royal Societies Club, St James's, London.  Beanish was founder of the Britons Publishing Company and Cameron was the main writer and compiler of the series "The International Jew" , published by Ford's Dearborn Publishing Company.  The letter is dated March 31st 1923, has Beamish's note of date of replying .   The letter touches on Beamish's meeting with Mussolini.  Single typed sheet excellent condition. Typed & signed by Cameron on headed Dearborn Independent paper : ...I see from your letter and the press that you have had the privilege of meeting Mussolini in Rome which I hold to be a great privilege in as much as it will give you an insight into the mind of one of the most unusual figures of our time


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