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Francis Maseres' copy. Proofs of a Conspiracy

John Robison,  (ON HOLD) A.M.  Proofs of a Conspiracy  Against All Religions and Governments Of Europe Carried On In The Secret Meetings Of Free Masons, Illuminati, And Reading Societies.T Cadell, Jun, & W H Davies, London 2nd corrected  to which is added a postscript 1797. This 200 year old text is considered the first exposure of the Illuminati.  The lengthy subtitle says it all.  This is the baseline for all study of "Conspiracy Theory".  A text that gained Robison an Honorary Doctorate from The Edinburgh Academy.  Needless to say documents of this kind are extremely rare Excellent copy in full Contemporary  calf leather with . Leather split to rear seam but board still attached. 531pp.  heavily annotated by first owner Francis Maseres.  Maseres Francis is a lawyer, a judge, and mathematician born in London, December 15, 1731 and died May 19, 1824 in Reigate , England a British historian. Puisne Baron Court échiquier1 he was Attorney General of the Province of Quebec and member of the Royal Society of London.  


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