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H.E.G. Rope (SOLD)Collection The International Jew CLOTH COVER

H.E.G. Rope Collection The International Jew.  FIRST edition, 1920,  235pp.  Fr. Rope was a priest, scholar, and Distributist who strongly supported the ideals and practice of the Catholic land movement. He converted to Catholicism in 1907, and in 1911 was admitted to Beda College, Rome, established for converts wishing to study for the priesthood. He was ordained in the Lateran Basilica in February of 1915. Fr. Rope served as a parish priest for 22 years in areas such as Cheshire and Shropshire, until being named archivist at the Venerabile, the English seminary in Rome. Rope was a true scholar who was conversant in a dozen languages and continued to contribute quotations to the Oxford English Dictionary and its Supplements up until his death. He wrote extensively for G.K.ís Weekly, The Weekly Review, the Dublin Review, and the Catholic World; and he wrote 10 books, among which are Forgotten England and Other Musings, Pugin, Fisher and More, and Benedict XV, the Pope of Peace. Fr. Rope possessed a powerful devotion to St. Pius X, even before his conversion to the Faith.   Private cloth binding.  


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