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James Larratt Battersby - Another Letter from Sydney - Kingdom Press 1950

James Larratt Battersby - Another Letter from Sydney -  Kingdom Press,  Manchester, 1950,   32 pages.  Pamphlet browned, and slightly brittle edges.  SCARCE item.

James Larratt Battersby was a Stockport based BUF activist. His family  ran a hat making company which was well known locally. Battersby was the Stockport BUF branch organiser at one point who was interned under 18B. After the war he joined the “League of Christian Reformers” which published a newspaper called Kingdom Herald. The group, which was led by Captain Thomas Guillaume St. Barbe Baker (his brother Richard was the famous forester/environmentalist), basically comprised of a group of activists (almost all former 18b detainees) living in a communal house Kingdom House, Petworth, Sussex,  who held a quasi-religious veneration for Hitler.  Battersby was arrested at the Cenotaph for shouting “Heil Hitler” whilst carrying the first issue of his book “An Aryan Testament - the Holy Book and Testament of Adolf Hitler”  which represented the culmination of these views which he had developed during internment. He was clearly troubled and committed suicide in 1955 by jumping into the paddles of a Mersey ferry.


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