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The International Brigade (SOLD) Imperial Fascist League

The International Brigade by Wayfarer (Don Stayt) This Anti-Jewish polemical little pamphlet is the anonymous work of a South African journalist. He is driven by the fear that the organisation of the International Brigades for the Spanish civil war would lead to a Jewish - Communist takeover of France, and then England. He despairs of the English press, duped, so he believes, by the ‘subtle poison’ of communist propaganda and asserts that the Republican cause was supported by a small number of intellectuals and a large number of the criminal riff-raff of Europe. If your knowledge of the Spanish conflict comes via Orwell or Hemingway, this Nationalist sympathiser will provide an alternative view.  48 pages illustrated, several portraits of Jewish communists.  Withe the stamp of the the Imperial Fascist league.


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