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THE POINT – A CATHOLIC MONTHLY Anti-Communist /Zionist journal.  4pp April 1955.  very anti-Zionist Anti-Communist .  Published by Saint Benedict Center.  by Father Leonard Feeney (1897-1978)   Feeney was an American Jesuit priest of Irish ancestry now most famous for supporting a rigorous interpretation of the Catholic doctrine Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (EENS), or “Outside the Church (There Is) No Salvation”. He first made his name as a radio-broadcaster, lecturer and author of popular books on Catholicism like Fish on Friday (1934) and You’d Better Come Quietly (1939), but grew more and more concerned at the Jewish influence, liberalism and indifferentism corrupting the Church (for further details see A Latter-Day Athanasius). Accordingly, he began to speak out and to proclaim EENS in what he regarded as its traditional form: namely, that all non-Catholics will be eternally damned unless they convert to Catholicism. The Saint Benedict Center in Boston became his headquarters and it was there that he published Point Magazine, whose trenchant and prophetic articles this website is making available once more.


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