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DER FEIND EUROPAS - Ulik Varange - Francis Parker Yockey.

No publisher, Germany 1953, 174pp.  Exceptionally scarce. a Holy Grail for collectors of Yockey's writings.  Only 200 were printed, word leaked out, the printer was raided toward the end of the press run... Yockey managed to take with him but a few finished, bound books.  One copy resides in the US Library of Congress.  One copy was given to the late Gen. Remer in Germany.  Der Feind Europas went through a strange series of translations.  Unfortunately, the final result is "pidgin" German. Yockey obtained the services of a German who translated from the original manuscript (presumed lost forever), but declined to finish the work, possibly because of funds not forthcoming.  Yockey took matters to hand and did the translation himself, which is faulty in many places.  The book was always considered the "third volume" of IMPERIUM, and that certainly appears logical upon reading all content of Vol. 1 & 2 within IMPERIUM and the conclusive content of DER FEIND EUROPAS. This ia an exceptionally good copy, red cloth with the title, in black ink (typeset) is crash-imprinted over this paint.


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