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A Short History of Right Wing Disunity (SOLD)

Important set of two LIverpool Newsletters from 1973 by Anthony Cooney detailing the "disunity" among patriotic groups supposedly fighting the same causes from the pre-WW2 Imperial Fascist League and British Union of fascists to the post WW2 instance of the NF putting a candidate up to oppose Colin Jordan.  Much on the various movements,  The Britons, the Social Credit Secretariat, The NF,  Chesterton & the League of Empire Loyalists, the British Movement,  The National Socialist Movement etc.  The "head measurers" and those with a fondness for the NSDAP versus those trying to fight just causes, mass immigration, law and order, anti-Communism etc.  The first 6 pages newsletter is the comprehensive study, the second two page newsletter deals with the response Cooney received.  


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