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Secret Warfare Of Freemasonry Against Church & State Pachtler. 1875

The Secret Warfare Of Freemasonry Against Church & State -  Georg Michael Pachtler.  Burns & Oates, 1875. 1st edition, 288 pages.  A very scarce original edition, as rare as Dillon's War of Anti-Christ.  The Secret Warfare of Freemasonry Against Church and State Any one who studies carefully the phenomena of modern, and especially of more recent times, and endeavours to discover the hidden spring which directs the sequence of events, will always find his researches lead him back to one and the same central motive power, producing the state of mind through which the evil spirit of the age contrives to distort truth, history, and justice. The radical perversion of men s minds going on around us is indeed terribly systematic. Comparing the onward progress of the social, political, and religious world to that of a river, we shall find that the poison which taints the water comes in each case from the same source. There are, it is true, some tributary rivulets which add their quota of infection to the main stream, but these are of secondary importance. Human errors and passions, organised as they are by the secret Society of Freemasonry, constitute the chief power of this evil. Good copy, some edge wear to covers. 


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