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The Russian Experiment - t. Hon. Lord FFRENCH Anti-Semitic.

The Russian Experiment -  Rt. Hon. Lord FFRENCH  Anti-Semitic. Plain wrappers as issued by the The Irish Ecclesiastical Record.   10 pages.  Originally published in the Nov. 1932. The Irish aristocrat Lord ffrench appeals to the Irish, "as one of the few truly Catholic nations left," to resist Bolshevism, or the "so-called Russian experiment, [which] is largely a Jewish one." He expounds further on the Jewish influence: "The power of the Jews lies in their complete exclusiveness, in their capacity for remaining unaffected by any philosophy of life or social theories other than their own;" "In pursuing this ideal of the destruction of Christianity and of all that it stands for in the social order, the Jew is working for those forces which we know shall not prevail;" "Jewish psychology is not constructive. The Jew is not a producer. He is a manipulator of the products of other people. He manipulates credit, and now he is faced with the problem of manipulating a vast body of humanity." Extremely Scarce.  


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