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European Liberation Front - Peter Huxley-Blythe - Modern Martyrs

Peter Huxley-Blythe - Modern Martyrs - American Mercury 1959.  Article within the USA Patriotic Anti-Communists Anti-Zionist Anti-Money-Power journal.   Approx 160 pages per issue, 40 articles.  Other contributors : Eugene Castle, Harold Lord Varney, Quotations From the Jewish Yearbook etc.  

Berlin: Europe's Hot Spot ... Eugene W. Castle.
Fusion:Ultimate Venture ... Zygmunt Litynski.
The Myth of 600,000,000 Chinese ... G. Larikov.
New Orleans: Future Hub of the Americas ... Stanley Meisler.
Modern Martyrs ... Peter J Huxley-Blythe.
Story Behind Our Minuteman ... James Winans.
Telling Cells ... M. D. Bellomy.
When It Pays Not to Work ... Joseph Arkin.
Communism in the Caribbean ... Harold Lord Varney.
Bible Prophecy IV ... Claude Bunzel.
Promptness in Your Passport ... J. H. Winchester.
Court Rewrites the Constitution ... A. J. Schweppe.
Where Boys Rule ... Jacques Bramhall, Jr.
MERCURY Warned You.
Penny Profits ... Bertha Godshall.
Lessons to Learn from Sputnik ... Leopold Braun.
In the MERCURY'S OPINIoN ... Russell Maguire.
Jefferson's Debt ... Rod Holmgren.
Spotlight on Performance ... William H. Allen.
RIB: Magic Finder of Stolen Goods ... Jo Hindman.
Dollars and Common Sense ... Cltffird F. Hood.
Quotations from The American Jewish Yearbook.
Mass Hypnosis: Soviet Weapon ... A. W. Pritchard.
In God We Trust ... Alfred K. Allan.
The Strangest Orchard ... Enola Chamberlain.
The Meter Girls ... Naomi Ruby.
Winston Churchill: "The Bat Boy" ... Steven Paulsen.
Reducing Is a Cinch ... Dick Martinsen.
Cracker Barrel.
A Case Against Fluoridation ... Richard L. Fruin.
Back to the Republic ... Robert Rayson.
Bridge Between the Churches ... Richard Ginder.
Cartoon ... C. D. Batchelor.
Beware the Bear Bringing Aid ... Cy Peterman.
Webster's Isn't Webster's Anymore ... A. M. Jack.
The Book That Moscow Couldn't Take ... Richard McLaughlin.
Do You Know; THIS IS WHAT THEY SAID; Mercury Forum; College Forum; Book Shelf. 


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