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Survival & Resistance in the City - Anti-NWO

Survival & Resistance in the City - William J. Hanson, Pretoria, 1969.120pp.   Anti-New World Order / Anti-Communist  survival book written by an American, a Rhodesian & a German patriot  Offers advise on surviving underground after a UN-led invasion of RSA  and leading a successful campaign against the invaders; much of it gleaned from Col. D.H. Grainger's "Don't Die in the Bundu".  The second part includes "A road map for the survival of a White Southern Africa."  "No White man in S.A. should ever lose sight of the only two alternatives...everything wiped out that he cherishes, or to help build an even stronger, bigger and more powerful White Empire...to fight for it to the death." Very good condition for its age, appears unread Very rare & obscure.  


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