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Taylor Caldwell - The Yellow Travellers

Taylor Caldwell - The Yellow Travellers - W& J. Barr, Melbourne - Austraian League of Rights, circa  1965, 8 pages.  Very scarce pamphlet by the famous Conservative author.  

Russia could not have been enslaved by the Communists had she not first been rotted at the heart by men far more frightful than any Communist: The yellow-traveller, the so-called Liberal. He is the deadly creature: for every Communist in America there are a hundred thousand Liberals, the yellow-travellers of the Communist Party…  Steps to Slavery: The Liberal has known for thousands of years that if he wishes to destroy his country and then rule it for his own advantage and power and greed, he must first convince the people to let him take them over politically to avenge the wrongs of society.  Then comes the second step: governmental pampering, government gifts of money and free food, government control over commodities, government housing and sponsoring of the arts and the sciences and the schools, special privileges for so-called minority blocs, enormous taxes taken from the industrious and the free to support the lazy and the inferior and the haters of work, deliberately-provoked riots, constant wars to keep the inflated economy from collapsing, and government handouts and foreign aid.” 


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