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DOUGLAS REED. His career as a journalist in Europe evolved with Hitler's rise to power but equally importantly his understanding of the growth of political Zionism and Communism.  They are found in hardback.  All highly recommended.  Note, these  NINE BOOKS including novels below are on offer together as a set with wear to spines and other general wear . JONATHAN CAPE YEARS: "Insanity Fair".  The Anschluss, the year leading to war, Jews in Germany etc.       "Disgrace Abounding".  First pub. 1938. .   "A Prophet At Home".  Comprehensive look at G.B. during the war, growing cosmopolitan influence etc.  10.50*     "Lest We Regret".  Jewish atrocity reports in the New York papers    "All Our ToMorrows".      "Nemesis". 1940.  The Story of Otto Strasser.     "     "Somewhere South of Suez".  1950.  South African scene; political Zionism.  Rare.    "The Prisoner of Ottawa: Otto Strasser". Last work published by Cape. "The Next Horizon".   a novel. 


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