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Huxley-Blythe, Peter. - R.R.F. Information Bulletin .

R.R.F. Information Bulletin .  Huxley-Blythe, Peter.  Russian Revolutionary Forces, Fleetwood, 1957, large foolscap. Born November 16th 1925 - Died August 18th 2013. As a veteran of military service in the Second World War, Huxley-Blythe had been appalled by the victory handed to the Soviet Union and its communist allies. He had a particular interest in the fate of the thousands of anti-communist Russians, Ukrainians and Cossacks who had volunteered to fight alongside the Germans against the Red Army and Stalinism.In 1955 Peter Huxley-Blythe wrote and published his book ' The East Comes West' which detailed the betrayal at the war-time Yalta Conference of Eastern Europe and the brutal treatment of captured anti-communist Cossacks and Russians in 1945, who were forcibly turned over to the Soviets by the British and US Armies.Across the 1950's and into the 1960's Peter Huxley-Blythe continued to write for anti-communist and racial Nationalist publications in Britain, Europe and the USA. In 1961 he challenged the Establishment with an article entitled, ' The Eichmann Trial: An Incredible Spectacle. He drifted away from open political activism and became involved in the academic study of hypnosis and psycho-therapy, later establishing a private therapy clinic and therapy centre. He nevertheless remains a important contributor to British Nationalism from the late 1940's to the mid-1960's.Peter Huxley-Blythe never lost his interest in the anti-Communist Cossacks and Russians and re-published 'The East Comes West. in 1964, and many years later wrote a new history,' Under the St. Andrew's Cross: Russian and Cossack Volunteers in World War Two. 1941-1945'Peter Huxley-Blythe's funeral service took place at Chester Cathedral.He was born in Nottinghamshire and enrolled as a boy sailor in the Royal Navy in 1939, he served throughout the Second World War in the Battle of the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean and later in the Far East. After leaving military service he became involved in anti-communist politics and by the end of the 1940's was active in the organisations grouped around Sir Oswald Mosley prior to the launch of Union Movement in 1948. By 1950 Peter Huxley-Blythe had split away from Mosley and was directly involved in pan-European political groupings, and was a collaborator of the American political writer and thinker Francis Parker Yockey. Peter Huxley-Blythe was reputedly part of the group that raised the funds to publish and distribute Yockey's massive work, 'Imperium'. in 1948.Huxley-Blythe was a key figure in the anti-communist European Liberation Front and was a regular contributor of articles to anti-communist publications in both Europe and the USA.In 1954 he was part of the group that established the joint British and German organisation,Nationalist Information Bureau (Natinform); from 1954 to 1958 he wrote and published the Natinform World Survey newsletter.Meanwhile in the UK he was working alongside a loose alliance of the Britons Publishing Society,  Anthony F X Baron, A. Gittens and others including an up and coming British racial Nationalist activist and writer, Colin Jordan.Huxley-Blythe also joined Colin Jordan as part of the UK support and distribution base for the pan-Aryan Northern League.


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