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1931 HAROLD NICOLSON, British ‘Pre-Fascist’, husband of VITA SACKVILLE-WEST. Harold Nicolson. Typed Letter Signed on stationery of Action, The New Weekly of the New Movement. London, December 3, 1931. 1pg. To (Hans Roger) Madol:  “Thank you a thousand times for sending me your book on the Prince of Peace. I shall try and mention it in some way or form.”  After a youthful diplomatic career – during which time he married famed novelist and poet Vita Sackville-West – Nicolson was drawn to the authoritarian ideas of Sir Oswald Moseley, becoming magazine editor of Moseley’s “New Party.” When Moseley founded the British Fascist movement, Nicolson resigned, was elected to Parliament, and, in tandem with Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden, became one of the first British politicians to warn of the dangers of Fascism. During World War II, he served in Government positions under Churchill. Encouraged by his wife, he Nicolson was also a successful writer and his diaries are among the most important records of British political history in the first half of the 20th century.  While Nicolson denounced anti-Semitism in general, he freely admitted that he personally hated Jews. Ironically, this letter was written to the young German  biographer of Spanish “Prince of Peace” Godoy, who was of Jewish descent and became an exiled anti-Nazi when Hitler came to power.  Letters written by Nicolson during his very brief “pre-Fascist” flirtation are scarce.


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