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Myron Fagan - George Fowler - WANTED! - Earl Warren For Impeachment.

Wanted! Earl Warren for Impeachment - For Giving Aid and Comfort to the Communist Conspiracy, the Mortal Enemy of the United States and the American People! Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. - Organized to Combat Communism Hollywood, CA, USA 1956 First Edition Tract 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall Paperback Good  Double-sided three-panel tract measuring 10" x 6" when unfolded. Appears to be circa 1961. Lists as co-defendants Justices Brennan, Black, Clark, Douglas, Frankfurter, Harlan and Reed. Claims the Desegregation Decision aids and abets the plans of the Communist Conspiracy to: create tensions between Negroes and Whites; transform the South into a Black Soviet Republic; Mongrelize the American White Race by legalizing and encouraging intermarriage between Negroes and Whites. Refers to book "A Racial Program for the 20th Century" by Israel Cohen. (Claims every copy of this book was ferreted out and destroyed before the ADL declared, in 1960, that no such book was ever written.) Considerable fine-print text. 


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