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Man: Whence, How and Whither Annie Besant & C W Leadbeater 1913.

Man: Whence, How and Whither Annie Besant & C W Leadbeater Published by Theosophical Publishing House, London, 1913.  OCCULTIST study on early times on planetary chains, beginnings of early root races, early civilizations and empires, and past lives of men.   At the beginning of the book the authors wrote that "metaphysicians, ancient and modern, declare that Past, Present, and Future are ever simultaneously existent in the divine Consciousness, and are only successive as they come into manifestation, i.e., under Time which is verily the succession of states of consciousness." Hence, when a mystic turn the soul away from earth and focuses his attention upon the spirit the soul may approach the "Memory of Nature", the personification in the material world of the "Thoughts of the Logos," the image, as it were, of "His Mind." There resides the Past in ever-living records. The authors say that "they, having been taught the method of gaining touch, but being subject to the difficulties involved in their uncompleted evolution, have done their best to observe and transmit, but are fully conscious of the many weaknesses which mar their work. Occasional help has been given to them by the Elder Brethren. Good copy of an obscure work with copious references to various civilizations, Aryan, Chaldea, Keltic, Teutonic etc.  


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