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George Pitt-Rivers. The Peace that Passeth All Misunderstanding

Britons Library Copy -  The Peace that Passeth All Misunderstanding / Der Friede welcher höher ist denn alle Unvernunft  written by George Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers,  (B.Sc. Oxon., F.R.A.I., late Captain The Royal Dragoons, and formerly Fellow Commoner, Worcester College, Oxford) Author of The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (1920), The Clash of Culture and the Contact of Races (1927), etc. etc.  Publisher:  The Alden Press, Oxford 1938. First edition   The  English anthropologist with fascist leanings. In dual English and German.    Pamphlet, Published just before the outbreak of World War II seeking to restore British relations with Nazi Germany, 12 pages. Foxing to cover as shown


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