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Colditz IssuedHow Odd of God - British Free Corps Pamphlet

Colditz Issued -  How Odd of God - British Free Corps Pamphlet.  The text is an extract from Douglas Reed's "Disgrace Abounding", the chapter being used as the title.  Added is an introduction by the German publisher.  32 pages.  Reputedly believed to be Hitler's favourite piece of propaganda, most likely because Reed was expelled from Germany for his anti-Nazi views.  This pamphlet is a study on the Jewish Question in pre-WW2 Europe.  It is almost mint condition and comes from the collection of Michael Booker with his pencil initial on the rear cover.  These pamphlets were given to him by Sir Rupert Barry who himself was the intelligence gathering officer at Colditz.  He kept such pamphlets as evidence for any post war trials of anyone associated with the British Free Corps.  All other copies were unofficially ordered to be destroyed by the senior British Officers at the camp, as was the general rule throughout the WW2 POW communities.  


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