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Kellogg, Edward - A New Monetary System. 1875

Kellogg, Edward - A New Monetary System.  The Only Means of Securing the respective Rights of Labor and Property, and of Protecting the Public From Financial Revulsions - 1875- Philadelphia.  5th edition with a biographical sketch.  The Panic of 1837 inspired Kellogg to devote his life to creating a monetary system which would prevent future such convulsions and "permanently eradicate the evil." Kellogg became a hero in agrarian, populist, and labor circles for his proposals to eliminate the gold standard and to create in its place a government-controlled National Safety Fund as the basis of all currency. The Fund would issue legal tender notes and lend them on the security of real estate at a low rate of interest; and it would issue bonds that could be freely exchanged with the notes. Excellent copy in green buckram.  Rare.  


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